Level: CEF A2.

A family in Dorset, England have come up with this business idea. Have a look at the video and the vocabulary explanation below and try the exercise.


There are some good expressions and words in this video:

  • A ‘treat’ is something good and special.
  • If you ‘harvest’ something you take something from nature for food.
  • A ‘batch’ is a group of products,  produced and often sold at the same time.
  • An ‘artisan’ is a skilled worker. So if something is artisan – it is special.
  • If you ‘pick up‘ something, you lift it and move it to another place.
  • A ‘jar’ is something made of glass that you can put something into.
  • An ‘entrepreneur’ is a businesman/woman.
  • If something is ‘worth it’, it means you are happy with what you have paid for.
  • If something is a ‘rip-off’, it means you are not happy because you think you have paid too much.
  • If you ‘claim’ something, it means you say something which you want other people to believe.

If you’d like to practise these words, try  this vocabulary exercise by clicking here

By the way – this is not a hoax (Scherz). You can find out more about this ‘business’ here: http://www.aethaer.com/

A breath of fresh air for €115?

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