One advantage of good English grammar

Level: CEF B2 and above.

One advantage of good English grammar is rather surprising, gentlemen. Recent research has revealed that poor grammar, spelling and punctuation can ruin your chances with the ladies. Only one thing puts the girls off more  - bad teeth! The good news for the fairer sex is that men are not nearly so particular - cynics might say that this is because men are simply unable to recognise grammar and spelling mistakes.....

For those men who wish to research the sources of this alarming summary read on...

Joking aside, how good is your English? Try this test. Of course, tests like this will only tell you how good your grammar is. Having said that, it's a very good test. It will give you a good idea of your CEFR (Common European Framework) level, as far as grammar is concerned. More specifically, as it is designed for German speakers of English, it really highlights those areas of English grammar that challenge German B2 speakers of English who wish to make the difficult step to C1/2 (native speaker level). Give it a try, and see how you get on. Click here to do the test. If you have any questions, please get in touch.

One advantage of good English grammar.

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